Christian Life

Lovin’ Motherhood

Happy. Panicked. Grateful. Blessed.

I am pregnant!

 A moment that changed my life forever. Can you relate?

More than a year has passed and I am loving motherhood. I never imagined that I could love someone as much as I do. A tiny being, full of smiles and coos and other things. It is all about him now.

I love…

  • waking to the sound of “coos and ahhs”
  • seeing his big smile every morning
  • feeling his caresses on my face and watching the wonderment in his eyes
  • hearing him laugh because I make a silly face
  • listening to him complain about his day as he babbles angrily
  • watching his excitement as I read to him
  • observing his reactions as we sing and praise the Lord together

It’s the little things that matter. He has stolen my heart.  I love him.

What are you enjoying the most as a parent? Share below.

God bless you and yours,